Carlos Sáez Comet

Carlos has a master’s in materials science and engineering (UPM-Madrid) and a bachelor’s in mechanical engineering (Unizar). He has 13 years’ experience working on the development of new applications for advanced structural materials, such as composites, high toughness ceramics and polymers across several companies (DuPont, Velcro, Berry Global) and Institutions (Fraunhofer, ELISAVA). He recently joined the technological centre EURECAT as senior researcher in the Polymeric Materials & Processes Unit, working on several EU projects and R+D contracts with private companies.  His research expertise deals with areas such as in mould electronics (Plastronics), Biobased polymers and developing the technology to transfer functional micro- and nanotextured surfaces found in natural surfaces (animals, insects, plants) to polymeric parts, an area in which he is currently completing his PhD.

Since 2014 he has been teaching Advanced Materials as an associate professor (grade, master’s degree) in the industrial design and engineering school ELISAVA in Barcelona, and he is an active member of Biomimicry Iberia since 2009.