Roy Hobson

Changes in our conceptual system change what is real for us and affect how we perceive the world and act upon those perceptions. How do we tend to and nurture the space for these conceptual shifts?

Roy has a deep fascination with the power of narrative and language to shape how we understand the world. Games hold a narrative space of a particular quality; a space that allows a shift from over-reliance on propositional knowledge towards inviting play with perspectival and participatory knowing. Roy believes that allowing a mutual-learning space for our relational and embodied natures to emerge – both as humans and as a part of the more-than-human world – holds potential for profound change in the norms, values and behaviours of our societies.

Born and raised in rural South Africa, Roy is currently living in Germany. He studied mathematics and computer science while practising music, and then worked with success as an entrepreneur and in the corporate IT industry for over 20 years. As a facilitator, Roy draws on this deep organisational experience, integral coaching skills through the ICF-accredited Centre for Coaching, and most recently Warm Data Lab hosting.