GREEN 2021 Health and Safety Considerations

GREEN 2021 strives to be a beacon for healthy progress and innovation – we must be flexible around making the weekend not only enjoyable but also safe and comfortable for all our participants.

Policy and Measures

The planning team is working hard to ensure the confidence and safety of the participants at GREEN 2021. Like natural systems, we must adapt to the challenges before us. Conference policies will evolve with local and national ordinance. We intend to go above and beyond compliance and use common sense to make GREEN 2021 a great experience for everyone. Some examples of what you can expect:

  • The Friday evening event will be hosted at the Granada Chamber of Commerce. The normal seating capacity of the conference hall is 260 people but will be limited following national health guidelines. The chamber of commerce boasts spacious indoor and outdoor areas adequate for carrying out the intermission and reception. Any snacks or refreshments (which will be offered as conditions permit) will be served as dictated by policy. Hand sanitizer will be provided.
  • Over the weekend, smaller, hands-on events will take place in the various rooms of ESADA Design School. Each activity will be limited according to a reduced room capacity. The school is well ventilated and hand sanitizer will be available on every floor. Outdoor relaxation areas are available, and recommendations for safe cafés, parks and restaurants nearby will be provided.
  • Masks will be provided and their usage obligatory during the event.
  • Parts of the event will be available online. Keynote speakers will be streamed, and some workshops will be hosted in a format allowing for remote interactivity. Not only does this give participants the option to join-in comfortably without worrying about Covid, but it also means the event is inclusive to people who cannot physically be with us in Granada.

The GREEN 2021 planning team thanks you for your cooperation in creating a safe environment for the entire community. We look forward to building a more sustainable future together in a responsible fashion!